Eat Well Live Well online.

Eat Well Live Well Online is a 5 week programme designed to introduce you to the wonderful world of whole-food plant-based eating. Based on the ‘live’ course I have been successfully running for the last 4 years, this online course will help you discover fascinating facts and evidence-based information that will reveal just how important the food we it is. 

With this course you will gain knowledge and confidence and feel equipped with simple techniques and hacks to help you make positive, healthful changes whilst eating amazingly tasty food.

During the course you will gain:

  • A live online teaching session you can join every week (recorded if you can’t attend)
  • Clear information about what exactly a whole-food plant-based diet is and is not
  • An understanding of the food-health connection
  • A clear understanding of the changes you want to make and why
  • Introductory information about essential nutrition and whole foods
  • A guide to gut health and its effects on the whole body
  • Worksheets to work through to apply the information to yourself
  • Exclusive recipes each week and a weekly video demonstrating a cooking technique
  • Weekly Q&A in a dedicated Facebook group
  • Store cupboard checklists and weekly shopping lists as well as a weekly meal planner for you to use.

To find out more please contact Karen by email – or book your place here

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