Below we provide health podcasts featuring our team members.

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What I didn’t learn in medical school (WIDLIMS) is a podcast hosted by Plant Based Health Professionals UK team member Linda Karlberg, which covers topics crucial to health which are not taught, glossed over or approached from the wrong angles in medicine and public discourse.

Lentil Intervention podcast - Shireen Kassam

In this conversation we discuss:

  • Plant-Based Health Professionals UK, their mission and advocacy work
  • The University of Winchester Nutrition Course for health professionals, which she spearheaded
  • The latest nutrition guidelines from the American Cancer Society
  • Socioeconomic determinants of health
  • Food Justice Issues
  • Shireen’s brilliant weekly plant-based nutrition news on Medium and social media
Rajiv Bajekal podcast

Calcium and Bone Health with Dr. Rajiv Bajekal

We discuss:

  • His plant-based journey and how he was motivated to make the change himself
  • What conditions he treats as an orthopedic surgeon
  • How he addressed nutrition and lifestyle with his patients
  • What calcium is, where it comes from and why it is important
  • Milk, and whether it is essential for bone health
  • The difference between calcium supplements and fortified foods
  • How to obtain calcium on a plant-based diet
  • Lifestyle habits and behaviours that are critical for bone health
  • What habits, behaviours and diet factors may harm bones
  • How menopause affects bone strength
  • What he wishes more people knew
  • The personal habit he is most proud of
Rich Roll podcast - Gemma Newman

Recorded live during Rich’s Plantpower Italia retreat in Tuscany, Rich is delighted to share a fun and highly informative conversation and audience Q&A with the delightful, whip-smart “Plant Power Doctor” herself.

Today we explore the result of Gemma’s journey. How it transformed her life and medical practice wholesale. And the simple changes you can make and sustain to improve your well-being for the long-term.