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What I didn’t learn in medical school (WIDLIMS) is a podcast hosted by Plant Based Health Professionals UK team member Linda Karlberg, which covers topics crucial to health which are not taught, glossed over or approached from the wrong angles in medicine and public discourse.

IN Pursuit of Health
  • sums up plant based being better for community, animals and health
  • her registered lifestyle medicine service
  • the wider impact on families with lifestyle medicine
  • her medical background and plant based beginnings
  • the myths surrounding protein
  • about a study narrowing down on health problems and reasons
  • unpacking why the NHS doesn’t currently fund more into lifestyle medicine
  • explores genetics and socioeconomic factors
Laila Kassam - Rethinking food and agriculture

Tony Martin interviews Doctor Laila Kassam (Animal Think Tank) about her new book Rethinking Food and Agriculture which she co-authored with her father Professor Amir Kassam (University of Reading). The book highlights the urgent need to ‘rethink’ the food and agriculture system and highlights ‘new ways forward’, including alternative paradigms of agriculture, human nutrition and political economy that are more ethical, sustainable and just. Contributors include Robert Chambers, David Jenkins, Tony Juniper, Dr. Shireen Kassam, David Montgomery, Vandana Shiva and many others. It’s a wonderful contribution to the science and philosophy supporting the urgent need to transition to a non-violent vegan food system and restore a right relationship with ourselves, other species and nature.

Rheumatoid Solutions: Shireen Kassam and Kate Dunbar
Managing Psoriatic Arthritis With A Plant-Based Diet

We discuss in this interview:

  • Kate’s struggle, and success, during 18 years with psoriatic arthritis
  • How Kate is now pain free and off medications with a plant-based diet
  • How Dr. Shireen Kassam’s published on Kate’s story of Psoriatic Arthritis management with a plant-based diet
  • The benefits and implications of single case studies like this
  • The side effects of Methotrexate
  • Different paths for going off medications
  • How social media can become powerful tools
  • The importance of support from our partners
Teachstrong Talks: Shaun Conaghan

#19 Teaching Kids to Eat Like Champions with Shaun Conagha‪n‬

In this episode we’re joined by Shaun Conaghan, aka “The Active Nutrition Teacher”. Shaun is a primary school teacher over in Ireland, and is on a mission to empower children, their families, and you towards healthier diet and lifestyle habits.

Shaun has such a great approach to this. He’s all about progress not perfection. Helping pupils recognise the small steps they can take to eating better and being really positive when they do make these changes. During the episode we talk about Shaun’s background, the journey he’s been on to plant-based eating, why he’s so passionate about a plant-based diet, and the work he does now to promote the role nutrition and other aspects of lifestyle play in the well-being of children, and adults.

Plant CEO podcast - Laura Freeman

Founder of Plant Based Health Online. A team of leading experts have come together to deliver healthcare in a way that puts their patients and families first. Dr Laura Freeman is extremely passionate about what she does – not just because of the science – but because she has seen that it has helped her patients’ lives as well as her own. Having been a GP now for about 15 years and following her own life changing health issue, she realised that she could help her patients improve their Diabetes, come off their blood pressure medication and reduce their cholesterol medication using the same methods she used for her own recovery by changing their lifestyle and following a plant based diet. We take the opportunity to speak about COVID 19 and Zoonotic diseases and the importance of supplementing with Vitamin D especially in the winter months.

Food and Diversity podcast - Leila Dehghan

As a registered associate nutritionist and a personal trainer, Dr. Dehghan takes a holistic approach to understand her clients’ needs and helps them optimize their well-being, manage their weight, and prevent or recover from lifestyle diseases.

During our conversation we discussed how communities of people are marginalized in ways that make it very difficult for them to eat healthy.

Simply Vegan podcast - Shireen Kassam

Why it’s important to be plant based, not just vegan with Dr. Shireen Kassam

Holly chats to leading doctor and founder of Plant-Based Health Professionals, Shireen Kassam, about the lack of nutrition training in our health service, and why she advises all her cancer patients to switch to plant-based eating.

Teachstrong Talks - Rohini Bajekal

In this episode, we talk to Rohini about the power of food and what her research and experience can tell us about the changes that happen when we make plants the stars of our plates.

Episode outline:

  • Rohini’s journey to qualifying as a nutritionist
  • Why she promotes a plant-based diet
  • The effects she has seen in clients
  • How eating more plants would be a positive for school staff and pupils
  • Her tips for including more plants in our diets
Lentil Intervention podcast - Shireen Kassam

In this conversation we discuss:

  • Plant-Based Health Professionals UK, their mission and advocacy work
  • The University of Winchester Nutrition Course for health professionals, which she spearheaded
  • The latest nutrition guidelines from the American Cancer Society
  • Socioeconomic determinants of health
  • Food Justice Issues
  • Shireen’s brilliant weekly plant-based nutrition news on Medium and social media
Rich Roll podcast - Gemma Newman

Recorded live during Rich’s Plantpower Italia retreat in Tuscany, Rich is delighted to share a fun and highly informative conversation and audience Q&A with the delightful, whip-smart “Plant Power Doctor” herself.

Today we explore the result of Gemma’s journey. How it transformed her life and medical practice wholesale. And the simple changes you can make and sustain to improve your well-being for the long-term.

Veggie Doctor Radio: Rajiv Bajekal

Calcium and Bone Health with Dr. Rajiv Bajekal

We discuss:

  • His plant-based journey and how he was motivated to make the change himself
  • What conditions he treats as an orthopedic surgeon
  • How he addressed nutrition and lifestyle with his patients
  • What calcium is, where it comes from and why it is important
  • Milk, and whether it is essential for bone health
  • The difference between calcium supplements and fortified foods
  • How to obtain calcium on a plant-based diet
  • Lifestyle habits and behaviours that are critical for bone health
  • What habits, behaviours and diet factors may harm bones
  • How menopause affects bone strength
  • What he wishes more people knew
  • The personal habit he is most proud of