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Recommended Podcasts

TeachStrong Talks Podcast

My name’s Sam Hart and I’m a primary school teacher on a mission to help school staff discover truly effective approaches to well-being. This podcast is a platform for me to bring you the knowledge and experience of real experts who can break down the research and the tools that we can apply to our everyday lives to feel happier and healthier.

The Simply Vegan Podcast

Bought to you by the team at Vegan Food & Living – the UK’s best-selling vegan magazine – the Simply Vegan Podcast is here to inspire, educate and amuse. Whether you’re vegan for the animals, for your health or for the planet, you’ll love listening to this twice-weekly blend of friendly chat, food reviews, recipes, nutrition advice and interviews with some of the leading names in veganism.

The Proof with Simon Hill

The Proof Podcast is a space for science-based conversation. Together with his guests, Simon Hill, a qualified physiotherapist and nutritionist, explores the health and longevity benefits that come with mastering physical exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, recovery, sleep, and alignment. Facts, nuance and trustworthy recommendations minus the hyperbole! All the proof you need to live better for longer.

Strong Voice Podcast

Strong Voice Podcast includes conversations between me, Kate Strong, and individuals who have unlocked their potential.

Each week, I chat with fascinating people who stepped up and away from the ordinary to pioneer some pretty amazing feats. Expect the unexpected as you hear from experts, adventurers and leaders pushing through what is normal towards the common goal of bettering their lives and positively impacting others.

Veggie Doctor Radio

Dr. Yami is a passionate plant-based board-certified pediatrician, health and wellness coach and Food For Life instructor. At Veggie Doctor Radio she explores diet and nutrition, healthy habit formation, behavior change and motivation. New episodes released each Sunday!

WIDLIMS - What I Didn't Learn in Medical School

Hosted by PBHP UK team member Linda Karlberg, What I Didn’t Learn in Medical School (WIDLIMS) covers topics crucial to health which are not taught, glossed over or approached from the wrong angles in medicine and public discourse.

Plant-Based Canada Podcast

Join us as we talk with experts to explore the field of nutritional sciences and how our food choices impact our health and the environment.

Recommended Episodes

Rohini Bajekal Wellness Unpacked with Ella Mills

In this episode of Veggie Doctor Radio, I interview Dr. Minil Patel about his extreme paradigm shift into veganism and his experience with bodybuilding as a vegan. We talk about protein, body image, and the difficult moments in the bodybuilding journey.

*Trigger Warning: This episode includes a discussion about body size, dietary restriction, and body dysmorphia. Please exercise caution if these topics are triggering to you.*

Some of the topics covered in today’s episode include:

  • Dr. Minil’s journey in powerlifting and muscle building
  • Pursuing body building as a vegan
  • Vegan sources of protein
  • Common myths or misconceptions about protein
  • Body image in the body building and plant-based community
  • Tip for vegans that want to build muscle
Rohini Bajekal Wellness Unpacked with Ella Mills

This week I’m joined by nutritionist and lifestyle medicine practitioner, Rohini Bajekal. Having experienced her own period of ill health, Rohini is passionate about empowering everyone to take charge of their health.

We discuss:

  • Both of our experience of chronic illness
  • Why sleep is the foundation of health
  • The science of lifestyle medicine
  • The science of cravings
  • How to get started on a health journey
  • Improving gut health
  • The impact of our current food environment

Each week I unpack a wellness trend with GP Gemma Newman. This week on Fact or Fad we’re looking at cycle syncing.

Sisters on a mission podcast
Today, I’m delighted to be joined by Dr Laura Freeman. Laura is a GP, a board certified lifestyle medicine physician and the medical director of Plant-Based Health Online.

If you have a quick look at the amazing work that Laura does, you quickly see how passionate about helping people thrive. This conversation is all about learning as much as we can from Laura about what approaches she has seen from her experience and her research really do work to improve people’s mental and physical wellbeing.

I talk to Laura about lifestyle medicine, what inspired her to rethink her role as a doctor, and what approaches she recommends that could help us on our journey to health and happiness.

Enjoy the conversation!

Sisters on a mission podcast

In this episode I interview two brilliant vegan oncologists, who happen to be sisters, about their book Eating Plant-Based: Scientific Answers to Your Nutrition Questions.

Simply Vegan podcast Rosie Martin

On today’s podcast we are joined by Rosie Martin, an NHS dietician and member of the Plant-Based Health Professionals. Rosie discusses how she turned her back on a career in Zoology to become a dietician after going vegan and being uncomfortable working with animals that are kept in cages.

Rosie is now a champion for healthy, plant-rich diets, and today she discusses the link between meat and cancer, how we can mitigate our risk and what meat replacements are best for newbies.

Podcast - delicious ways to feel better with Ella Mills

We’re joined by Dr. Shireen Kassam, an NHS consultant and board-certified lifestyle medicine physician.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The power of diet and lifestyle factors in health and disease outcomes
  • What is an unhealthy diet?
  • The impact of ultra-processed foods in the body 
  • What is inflammation, how is it related to diet and how is it linked to chronic diseases?
  • Diet and immunity
  • Why it is never too late to adopt a plant-based diet to improve our health
  • Healthcare and the commercial industry
  • How to optimise health on a plant-based diet
  • The role of diet in cancer
  • Lifestyle habits to improve our health


Endometriology and reproductive health podcast

In this episode we cover:

  • Dr Bajekal’s personal story and education
  • What Endometriosis is
  • How prevalent Endometriosis is
  • The oral contraceptive pill. Do the benefits outweigh the risks – what does the science show?
  • Diet and endometriosis
  • Soy and endometriosis
  • Fertility and endometriosis
  • Overall lifestyle and endometriosis
  • and much more
Cross-cultural Plant-based practice podcast with Didem Varol

Ever wonder about plant-based practices in different countries? In this episode of the Plant-Based Canada Podcast we speak with Didem Varol. Didem has experience with Plant-Based Practice in both Canada and Turkey. She completed her dietetic training at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and is a Registered Dietitian and, as such, is registered with the College of Dietitians of Ontario. After spending almost 10 years working at Toronto Public Health, as a Public Health Dietitian in the field of chronic disease prevention, she moved to Istanbul, Turkey and currently runs her own private practice (@plantgevity). She has completed a Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies & eCornell. She is also a “Food For Life” Instructor, which is an evidence-based nutrition and cooking program developed by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • dietetic practice in Canada & Turkey
  • plant-based counseling
  • food culture
  • culture shocks
  • vegan communities in Canada & Turkey
  • plant-based misconceptions
  • take home message

Please note, in the beginning of this episode there is some background noise that unfortunately could not be removed. This background noise does not persist throughout the episode.

Veggie Doctor Radio - form impossible to possible

“Until fruits and vegetables are subsidised instead of meat and dairy, nutritious, healthy foods are not accessible for everyone.” Rohini Bajekal, vegan nutritionist and lifestyle medicine professional

In the last episode of series 3, Holly and Molly discuss this week’s positive vegan news stories along with the action being taken against Subway by Good Catch.

They also review new desserts from Over the Spoon along with a tasty launch by Higgidy, before answering your questions on vegan ice cream.

For this week’s interview, Holly meets nutritionist and Plant-Based Health Professionals representative Rohini Bajekal to discuss the results of the recent National Food Strategy.

Is a 30% reduction of meat intake enough? Should fruit and vegan be subsidised? And is it up to us to make changes or the big food corporations?

They also touch on the results of Professor Tim Spector’s Zoe Covid study which found that those eating a good quality plant-based diet were 40% less likely to get severe disease. Rohini shares her tips for getting started with plant-based eating and runs through what her daily diet looks like.

Where can I listen to the Simply Vegan Podcast?

Here. Or, if you want to listen via your preferred platform, you can find us on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and all the usual places. Just search for the Simply Vegan podcast and you’ll find us!

Exam Room podcast the diest to prevent and survive cancer

With Helen Wilson and Faye Lewis. In this episode, we talk to Kate Strong, the vegan athlete who has secured three Guinness World Records recently in a gruelling challenge on a static bike.

Kate, who is also a champion triathlete, now holds the record for completing the furthest distance on a static bike over 24 hours.

She began the challenge at 3pm on May 26 in Bristol, UK. In order to beat the records, she had to cycle over 35.3km in one hour and 348km in 12 hours. We chat to her about her incredible journey as a vegan, an athlete and as a woman.

Viva!’s Head of Communications, Faye, joins Helen to discuss the importance of strong female and vegan role models and what work still needs to be done for veganism to become even more widespread and normalised.

Exam Room podcast the diest to prevent and survive cancer

Dr. Shireen Kassam estimates the substantial percentage of cancer cases that could be prevented by eating a healthier diet and living a more active lifestyle when she joins “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll.

She also discusses the cancer-fighting benefits that older adults can experience by changing their diet even after 50 or more years of eating unhealthy foods. It is proof that it is never too late to get healthy!

IN Pursuit of Health
  • sums up plant based being better for community, animals and health
  • her registered lifestyle medicine service
  • the wider impact on families with lifestyle medicine
  • her medical background and plant based beginnings
  • the myths surrounding protein
  • about a study narrowing down on health problems and reasons
  • unpacking why the NHS doesn’t currently fund more into lifestyle medicine
  • explores genetics and socioeconomic factors
Laila Kassam - Rethinking food and agriculture

Tony Martin interviews Doctor Laila Kassam (Animal Think Tank) about her new book Rethinking Food and Agriculture which she co-authored with her father Professor Amir Kassam (University of Reading). The book highlights the urgent need to ‘rethink’ the food and agriculture system and highlights ‘new ways forward’, including alternative paradigms of agriculture, human nutrition and political economy that are more ethical, sustainable and just. Contributors include Robert Chambers, David Jenkins, Tony Juniper, Dr. Shireen Kassam, David Montgomery, Vandana Shiva and many others. It’s a wonderful contribution to the science and philosophy supporting the urgent need to transition to a non-violent vegan food system and restore a right relationship with ourselves, other species and nature.

Rheumatoid Solutions: Shireen Kassam and Kate Dunbar
Managing Psoriatic Arthritis With A Plant-Based Diet

We discuss in this interview:

  • Kate’s struggle, and success, during 18 years with psoriatic arthritis
  • How Kate is now pain free and off medications with a plant-based diet
  • How Dr. Shireen Kassam’s published on Kate’s story of Psoriatic Arthritis management with a plant-based diet
  • The benefits and implications of single case studies like this
  • The side effects of Methotrexate
  • Different paths for going off medications
  • How social media can become powerful tools
  • The importance of support from our partners
Teachstrong Talks: Shaun Conaghan

#19 Teaching Kids to Eat Like Champions with Shaun Conagha‪n‬

In this episode we’re joined by Shaun Conaghan, aka “The Active Nutrition Teacher”. Shaun is a primary school teacher over in Ireland, and is on a mission to empower children, their families, and you towards healthier diet and lifestyle habits.

Shaun has such a great approach to this. He’s all about progress not perfection. Helping pupils recognise the small steps they can take to eating better and being really positive when they do make these changes. During the episode we talk about Shaun’s background, the journey he’s been on to plant-based eating, why he’s so passionate about a plant-based diet, and the work he does now to promote the role nutrition and other aspects of lifestyle play in the well-being of children, and adults.

Plant CEO podcast - Laura Freeman

Founder of Plant Based Health Online. A team of leading experts have come together to deliver healthcare in a way that puts their patients and families first. Dr Laura Freeman is extremely passionate about what she does – not just because of the science – but because she has seen that it has helped her patients’ lives as well as her own. Having been a GP now for about 15 years and following her own life changing health issue, she realised that she could help her patients improve their Diabetes, come off their blood pressure medication and reduce their cholesterol medication using the same methods she used for her own recovery by changing their lifestyle and following a plant based diet. We take the opportunity to speak about COVID 19 and Zoonotic diseases and the importance of supplementing with Vitamin D especially in the winter months.

Simply Vegan podcast - Shireen Kassam

Why it’s important to be plant based, not just vegan with Dr. Shireen Kassam

Holly chats to leading doctor and founder of Plant-Based Health Professionals, Shireen Kassam, about the lack of nutrition training in our health service, and why she advises all her cancer patients to switch to plant-based eating.

Teachstrong Talks - Rohini Bajekal

In this episode, we talk to Rohini about the power of food and what her research and experience can tell us about the changes that happen when we make plants the stars of our plates.

Episode outline:

  • Rohini’s journey to qualifying as a nutritionist
  • Why she promotes a plant-based diet
  • The effects she has seen in clients
  • How eating more plants would be a positive for school staff and pupils
  • Her tips for including more plants in our diets
Lentil Intervention podcast - Shireen Kassam

In this conversation we discuss:

  • Plant-Based Health Professionals UK, their mission and advocacy work
  • The University of Winchester Nutrition Course for health professionals, which she spearheaded
  • The latest nutrition guidelines from the American Cancer Society
  • Socioeconomic determinants of health
  • Food Justice Issues
  • Shireen’s brilliant weekly plant-based nutrition news on Medium and social media
Rich Roll podcast - Gemma Newman

Recorded live during Rich’s Plantpower Italia retreat in Tuscany, Rich is delighted to share a fun and highly informative conversation and audience Q&A with the delightful, whip-smart “Plant Power Doctor” herself.

Today we explore the result of Gemma’s journey. How it transformed her life and medical practice wholesale. And the simple changes you can make and sustain to improve your well-being for the long-term.

Veggie Doctor Radio: Rajiv Bajekal

Calcium and Bone Health with Dr. Rajiv Bajekal

We discuss:

  • His plant-based journey and how he was motivated to make the change himself
  • What conditions he treats as an orthopedic surgeon
  • How he addressed nutrition and lifestyle with his patients
  • What calcium is, where it comes from and why it is important
  • Milk, and whether it is essential for bone health
  • The difference between calcium supplements and fortified foods
  • How to obtain calcium on a plant-based diet
  • Lifestyle habits and behaviours that are critical for bone health
  • What habits, behaviours and diet factors may harm bones
  • How menopause affects bone strength
  • What he wishes more people knew
  • The personal habit he is most proud of