Get In Touch With Your Inner Doctor Using Acupressure with Lisa Wong, L.Ac, plant-based acupuncturist

Get In Touch With Your Inner Doctor Using Acupressure

with Lisa Wong, L.Ac, plant-based acupuncturist (PBHP Members only)

Wednesday 19th January 2022, 7pm GMT London

Are you having body aches such as stiff neck and low back pain from staying at home and working on the computer too much?

Do you want to support your immune health and have a healthy and pain-free 2022?

If you say YES to the above, you won’t want to miss our first ever acupressure session, Get In Touch With Your Inner Doctor Using Acupressure, with plant-based acupuncturist, Lisa Wong, L.Ac. In this session, Lisa will share with you how easy it is to learn how to relieve pain instantly by yourself, regardless where your pain is in the body, as well as strengthen your immune system, using an unique way of doing acupressure, which is acupuncture without the needles, anytime, anywhere. Unlike traditional acupressure, where you need to remember various acupressure points in the body, Lisa will introduce you to a revolutionary and fun way of doing acupressure, which she called the Healing By Design™ Self-Care Technology, where you get to see and work with your body in a whole new way, without remembering any acupressure points.

About Lisa Wong

Lisa K.Y. Wong, L.Ac. is a plant-based acupuncturist, PBHP member and optimal health coach living in San Jose, California, USA. She is known as the champion for the voiceless, both the animals and the Inner Doctor. She has been vegan for 11 years and vegetarian for 17 years before that. She founded the Center for Healing By Design, a US 501c3 non-profit organization with the mission to empower vegans, vegetarians, and compassionate people worldwide with revolutionary self-care education, experience, and tools, to help them get in touch with their Inner Doctor and live healthy and compassionate lives in harmony with Mother Earth and all living beings.

Lisa is the first plant-based acupuncturist to ever climb Mt Kilimanjaro and launched her global Climb Every Mountain Self-Care Movement with the aim to help people from all walks of life to discover their inner healing tools, so they can “climb the mountains” in their lives. She developed and teaches her clients and the general public the Healing By Design™ Self-Care Technology, an integrated acupressure modality based on the microsystems of the body. She has taught transformational self-care programs to clients worldwide, from 4-year-old orphans to 80-year-old world record holders. Besides plant-based change leaders, Lisa’s clients also include global business leaders, healthcare professionals, professional athletes, celebrities, conscious health seekers, and young growing families.

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