Winchester course tutors Oct 2020

University of Winchester Nutrition Course

Plant-based nutrition; a sustainable diet for optimal health

The first University-based course on plant-based nutrition in the UK has launched. The course has been a team effort involving 18 UK plant-based experts, many of whom are board members of Plant-based health professionals UK.

Stress Management and Resiliency Training

Dr. Miriam Maisel is one of the few non-US doctors who are certified to offer the Stress Management and Resiliency Training programme. This is an 8 week research proven programme which is based on decades of research by Dr Herbert Benson and others at the Harvard based Benson Henry Institute.

Cooking for the Climate with Dr Hayley Tait

The Cooking for the Climate (C4C) Course is offered to universities as an Student Selected Unit during medical student training. It is currently teaching at Exeter and Southampton Medical Schools.

It will be offered to all health care professionals as a full day course, with access to teaching videos.