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The Plant-Based Eatwell Guide

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Bowel Cancer Prevention tri-fold leaflet

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Bowel Cancer Prevention

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The benefits of a plant-based diet

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Lowering cancer risk

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Top lifestyle tips for menopausal health


Dr Shireen Kassam – The role of nutrition in cancer prevention, treatment & recurrence

Cardiovascular disease

Dr Kim Williams, Chief of Cardiology, Rush University – Taking the Die out of Diet.


Dr Gemma Newman speaking on diabetes at London Vegfest October 2018


Dr Alan Desmond – Treating inflammatory bowel disease with dietary intervention

Dr Alan Desmond – Gut Health: how a plant-based diet can change your world


Dr Miriam Martinez-Biarge – A healthy vegan pregnancy

Weight management

Plant-based diets for overweight and obesity by Dr Sue Kenneally

General health

The plant-based dietary advantage for health and well-being by Dr Shireen Kassam

Dr Leila Dehghan – Living with migrane: how a whole food, plant-based diet changed my life

Plant-based diets for pain by Dr Sue Kenneally

How to incorporate plant-based nutrition into a 10-minute NHS consultation by Dr Gemma Newman

Preventing and reversing chronic disease by Mick Walker