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Plant-Based Catering

Fresh Vegan Meals

A service providing freshly made, home cooked, vegan meals to an ever growing number of clients, all with differing and unique needs. All our meals are plant based, oil free and sugar free using only natural, wholesome and predominantly organic ingredients.



Shambhu’s award-winning ethically-conscious vegan catering service provides wholesome plant-based food for a wide range of events and needs:

  • Conferences, AGMs, etc
  • Special occasions
  • Business seminars
  • Company or departmental functions
  • Yoga & meditation workshops
  • Home get-togethers / parties
  • Home delivery, including the option of individually packed portions e.g. for home-freezer storage
  • and so on…


Dr Sunni PhD, MBA, PGDip (Cul Med)

Health and Food Consultant
Founder, Dish Dash Deets

I do plant based and WFBD catering which can also include nut free and gluten free too. World cuisines are included and private catering goes from 10 people all the way to 150 (ranging from buffet style, lunches and platters). Includes events, retreats and private dining.

Tel: +44 (0)7910765440
IG: @drsunnipatel
YouTube: dishdashdeets
Tiktok: @drsunnipatel