Vegan probiotics for babies

Many babies experience episodes of colic during the first three months of their life. We don’t understand the causes of this problem well, but it is usually due to a combination of factors. Colicky babies should be examined by their health visitor, GP or paediatrician to rule out other conditions that may resemble colic.

If you have been told that the reason that your baby cries and looks uncomfortable is colic, there are some things you could try to improve this, and probiotics is one of them. Probiotics do not cure colic, but, along with other measures, can be of help.

There is good evidence from studies that Lactobacillus reuteri reduces crying or fussy time in breastfed babies. In bottle fed babies the benefit is not so clear.

BioGaia offers vegan probiotic L.reuteri for babies in liquid form.

There are other bacteria strains produced for babies that may help some babies who are experiencing eczema and other allergic conditions. The evidence supporting this claim is weaker than for L.reuteri for colicky breastfed babies, but since they are safe, they may be worth a try.

The following probiotics for babies are 100% vegan: