Plant-Based Challenges and Activities for Children

By Holly Adelaide, Intern, and Rohini Bajekal, Communications Lead

Challenge: Create Plant-Based Breakfast Faces

Children could use bananas, berries, nut and seed butters etc. to create faces in their porridge bowl or on a slice of toast.

Children can submit their entries to us at or tag us on social media

Age suitability
All ages ranging from toddlers to young teenagers may enjoy this activity. Please note the presence of possible allergens and choking hazards such as whole nuts and seeds, which are not suitable for children under 5.

Challenge: Recreate a plant-based meal inspired by your favourite book or movie

Use plant-based foods to recreate a dish/meal featured in a famous movie or story book.
Extra points not only for creativity, but also for how nutritious the food is – e.g. the more vegetables used, the more points scored.

For that famous moment in Disney’s Lady and The Tramp, a lentil meatball spaghetti
For Bruce Bogtrotter’s chocolate cake in Roald Dahl’s Matilda, a plant-based version made from ingredients, such as whole wheat flour, cacao, maple syrup/dates etc.

Age suitability
All ages. This may be slightly more difficult for younger children, but an adult could supervise them with prepping/cooking the meal

Challenge: A “Look for the Rainbow” Supermarket Scavenger Hunt

When food shopping, parents or carers could set their children a “Look for the Rainbow” challenge of finding as many differently coloured fruits and veggies as possible.

e.g. ‘red’ – apples, strawberries, bell pepper, tomatoes
‘green’- grapes, cucumber, avocado, kale, spinach
‘purple’ – avocado, purple cabbage

A further challenge could be set at home to use as many colours of the rainbow in a snack
e.g. fruit kebab sticks, vegetable sticks and hummus, ‘ants on a log’.

Age suitability
Toddlers and children aged 2-11 years

Challenge: A Blindfolded Taste Test

Families could engage their children in a blindfolded taste test that involves them trying new foods or comparing the difference between several foods. This can be made into an exciting game, whilst developing a child’s senses and taste buds.

Age suitability
4-12 year olds

Challenge: Hold a World Cuisine Themed Meal with DIY Colour-Your-Own Flag Placemat

Children could choose a different cuisine e.g. Mexican/ Indian/ Italian and have a meal with traditional dishes of the chosen country.
This will develop their taste buds and get them to try new flavours.
Children could decorate flags for their country to use as placemats and learn about the cuisine.
PBHP’s website has a number of plant-based recipes from around the world.

Age suitability
Ages 5 and above

Challenge: Grow and Look After your own Herb Pot

Some children may have limited access to outdoor spaces so a mini herb garden would be ideal. Children can grow herbs in a small container or tray e.g. basil or mint. Having the responsibility of looking after a herb pot is a low cost, accessible way of connecting more with the food we eat.

Age suitability
Ages 5 and above

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