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Student Selected Component (SSC) in Medical Schools

In the UK, 10% of the medical school curriculum can be chosen by the student. As part of this initiative, we have been offering SSCs since 2021. These fall within various modules including planetary and global health, long-term conditions and public health.

Cooking for the climate SSC

This is a culinary medicine module introducing the principles and practical skills of a sustainable plant-based diet for personal and planetary health.

Unhealthy diets are a leading cause of chronic illness, contributing to 20% of deaths. In addition, our food system is a leading contributor to the climate and ecological crises. A transition to a healthy plant-based diet in line with the Eat-Lancet Planetary Health Diet has the potential to not only reduce the burden of chronic illness but also keep our food system within planetary boundaries.

The course will discuss the principles of a sustainable plant-based diet and its potential to positively impact global and personal health. The course will discuss common controversies and concerns, whilst supporting participants to learn how to cook simple, affordable, accessible and delicious food. This will provide C4C students with the confidence to incorporate a plant-based diet into their personal and clinical practice.

Course Aims:

  • To understand the benefits of a sustainable plant-based diet for human and planetary health.
  • To learn how to bring sustainable diets into clinical practice
  • Discuss the main food groups with examples and culinary use and relate these to planetary impact.
  • Take part in Cook-a-longs. All students will cook-along in a fun and interactive way, with informal discussion and revision of the components of a healthy and sustainable diet.
  • Discussions on the scientific evidence and controversies relating to plant-based diets and impact on global health.
  • To compose a complete and healthy meal plan that’s inclusive and culturally appropriate.
  • To learn the culinary skills to cook a day’s whole food plant-based meals.

We are currently offering this at Exeter, Southampton and King’s College London medical schools.

Cooking for the Climate Cookalongs

Dr Hayley Tait shares her delicious, plant-based recipes whilst discussing the health and planetary benefits of a plant forward diet. Check the ingredients in the description and cook along in real time whilst learning more about sustainable plant based diets. All recipes are Hayley’s own and you can find more in her book, Health on the Hob, Easy Plant Based Recipes available through Healthful Heart Books.

Lifestyle Medicine SSC

An ‘Introduction to Lifestyle Medicine’ will present the principles, evidence and application of a Lifestyle Medicine approach in order to promote healthy lifestyle changes for patients and physicians alike.

Unhealthy diet and lifestyle factors are a leading cause of chronic illness and premature death. As such, an evidence based Lifestyle Medicine approach can offer a meaningful and effective way to get to the root cause of disease. It highlights the need for action on socioeconomic determinants of health and provides techniques for supporting patients to make long lasting changes for improved health outcomes.

The module will discuss current evidence, guidelines and endorsements of a Lifestyle Medicine approach. It will also cover basic theories of behavioural change science, motivational interviewing and ways in which to develop personalised lifestyle actions prescriptions for patients. By taking part in health cooking sessions and health initiative programmes, this module will provide students with the confidence to incorporate health lifestyle changes into their own personal lives to improve their physical and emotional wellbeing. This translates well into future clinical practice on a personal and professional level.

Assessment will be in the form of a written report (on a topic which will be mutually decided), an oral presentation and supervisors assessment which will be based on interest, motivation, reliability and attendance.

Course aims: 

  • To define the six key pillars of Lifestyle Medicine
  • To describe epidemiology of Non Communicable Diseases and the need for a Lifestyle Medicine Approach
  • To review current evidence, endorsements and guidelines for Lifestyle Medicine
  • To demonstrate how to bring Lifestyle Medicine into clinical practice whilst taking into account the social and economic needs of patients
  • To compose a Lifestyle Medicine prescription that is inclusive and culturally appropriate

We are currently offering this at the University of Glasgow medical school.

Dietetic student placements

We offer placement to students on dietetic degree courses. We will provide students with the knowledge and skills to understand and use plant-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine within their clinical practice.

We are currently offering a placement at the University of Birmingham.

Lectures and workshops for University courses and events

The PBHP UK team is available to deliver lectures and workshops on a variety of topics relating to plant-based nutrition, sustainable diets and lifestyle medicine.

We currently provide lectures at the following courses and Universities:

  • University of Exeter medical school – year 2 students
  • Hull and York medical school on the MSc Health and Climate Change
  • Leeds Medical School, planetary health module

For further information and to invite us to teach please contact