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PBHP UK Podcast - In A Nutshell

Welcome to ‘In A Nutshell: The Plant-Based Health Professionals UK Podcast’, the UK’s premiere vegan health podcast. Listen here: linktr.ee/inanutshellpodcast

Hosted by plant-based NHS GP doctors, Daisy Lund and Clare Day, who are on a mission to share evidence of the power of wholefood plant-based diets to transform health and improve wellness.

As front-line medical practitioners, they seamlessly blend their expertise with their experience, and break down the latest research from the fields of nutrition, medicine and preventative health, making it both informative for working health-care professionals, and highly accessible for the general public.

In each episode, they are joined by an enigmatic and passionate guest, who brings their own unique and insightful perspectives into the plant-based and vegan lifestyle conversations. Beyond the clinic, Daisy and Clare also invite you into their kitchens and those of their guests, offering meal inspiration and food suggestions that support improved health and wellbeing.

Committed to preventive medicine and holistic healthcare, Daisy and Clare integrate diet and lifestyle recommendations into their work as doctors. Both hold the Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate from the University of Winchester, and are passionate about evidence-based nutritional education for healthcare professionals.

‘In A Nutshell: The Plant-Based Health Professionals UK Podcast’ is the perfect podcast for those who support a vegan lifestyle, or who are curious to find out more about plant-based health. You can catch every episode on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Amazon Podcasts. So join the conversation, as Daisy and Clare advocate for a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle for all.

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