Saturday 5th December 2020, 10:00-10:45 AM

PBHP Members – Yoga for Calm with Louise Premilla

Join us for our first ever yoga class with Louise Premilla, PBHP member and London-based yoga teacher with a focus on wellbeing.

About Yoga for Calm

This class is open to all levels, even those who are completely new to yoga. Participants will be able to practice from a chair. The focus will be on linking movements to breath, and breathing techniques which are particularly helpful for stress and anxiety. This year has been a difficult year for everyone, so it is more important than ever to take time out for yourself and to bring calm to the body and mind.

Yoga has many health benefits (both mental and physical). Yoga practices help to regulate the nervous system and bring a sense of calm and feeling centred, as well as helping to reduce and relieve stiffness.

About Louise Premilla

Louise has been a student of yoga for 15 years.

She has also completed training for Yoga Therapy for Anxiety with Heather Mason at The Minded Institute. Louise is an advocate for mental health awareness, and believes and has seen how yoga can play a large role in improving mental health and reducing symptoms of stress, anxiety, and even conditions such as PTSD.

Louise has also undergone specialist training to be able to teach yoga to people with cancer, run by Yoga Campus. This in-depth training is an exploration of how yoga can positively impact the physical effects of cancer and its treatment, and also how to address the energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual components of a cancer diagnosis.

If any of you are interested yourselves or working with people living with cancer or anxiety disorders who might be interested in trying yoga, do email Louise at She currently offers private classes over Zoom.

Donations optional for this class via (these go directly to Louise)