Thursday 30 September 2021 at 7pm BST

How to Optimise Your Metabolism with a Plant-Based Diet

with Dr Hana Kahleova, Director of Clinical Research for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Hosted by Rohini Bajekal, Nutritionist & Board Member of Plant-Based Health Professionals UK
(CPD Accredited with 1 CPD Hour from the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine and CME accredited for the LM MOC)

Why should I join this webinar?

The presentation will equip participants with an understanding of the nutritional aspects that affect their metabolism and will help them make better choices to optimise their metabolism.

  • To learn about how meal timing and regularity in mealtimes affect metabolism
  • To understand how meal frequency affects body weight
  • To explain how a plant-based diet helps optimise metabolism
How to Optimise Your Metabolism with a Plant-Based Diet

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About the speaker

Dr Kahleova is director of clinical research for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. She has conducted several clinical trials, using a plant-based diet in the treatment of obesity, diabetes, and metabolic disease. Her research showed that a plant-based diet leads to a greater weight loss and improvement in metabolism, and addresses multiple mechanisms behind diabetes.

Her research proved that eating a large breakfast and lunch is more beneficial than eating 6 smaller meals a day for patients with type 2 diabetes. Her research on meal frequency and timing showed that eating less frequently, no snacking, consuming breakfast, and eating the largest meal in the morning may be effective methods for preventing long-term weight gain.

As a member of the American Diabetes Association and as a board member of the Diabetes and Nutrition Study Group of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes, Dr Kahleova is directly involved in the process of updating the nutritional recommendations for patients with diabetes.

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