The Mahaveer Award 2024

Winner of the Mahaveer Award 2024

Shireen Kassam has received the Mahaveer Award from the Indian Vegetarian Society. This award is given to individuals and organisations in recognition of their work to promote a vegan lifestyle.


The Vegfest UK Awards 2022

2022 Vegfest awards best vegan initiative

Thanks to everyone who voted for us, we’ve been awarded the “Best Vegan Initiative” in the Vegfest UK 2022 awards. We’re so proud of this recognition of our work.


The Vegfest UK Awards 2020

Best Vegan Initiative Award 2020

We’re proud to have been awarded the “Best Vegan Initiative” in the Vegfest UK 2020 awards. Thanks to everyone who voted for us!

The Shining World Compassion Award

Transcript of the award letter

The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association, email:

Tel: 1-408-809-3857; Fax: 1-408-273-6412

21st October 2020

Dr Shireen Kassam MBBS, FRCPATH, PHD
Founder and Director of Plant-Based Health Professionals UK
United Kingdom

Esteemed Doctor,

It is with great admiration and gratitude that we present to Plant-Based Health Professionals the “Shining World Compassion Award” for providing “evidence-based education on whole food plant-based nutrition for the prevention and treatment of chronic disease.” This Award is presented in recognition of your passionate, exemplary efforts to educate health professionals, and ultimately all citizens, of the imperative need to adopt the loving vegan diet. Quoting scientific research, the link between meat and disease is irrefutable, as is the solution to restore health; change food choices to select plant-based nutrition.

Plant-Based Health Professionals UK consists of a group of vegan doctors advocating for a nobler way of eating. The group joined together with the global No Meat May campaign to urge the public to be vegan to help the world avoid future pandemics. You warned as have scientists worldwide, the future pandemics could arise from intensive livestock systems, which produce more than 90% of the meat consumed worldwide today. A member and well-known physician Dr. Gemma Newman stated, “Our industrial scale factory farms are like a ticking time bomb – yet I can guarantee that lentils will not spark a viral pandemic anytime soon.” Your doctors urged the public to participate in support programs like No Meat May, which saw a record 33,000 signatories this year compared to 10,000 in 2019.

For commitment to save lives by promoting disease prevention via veganism, for courageously using your brilliant God-given skills to convince others of the benefits of plant-based nutrition, and for your exemplary patient care; in God’s merciful love we are honoured to salute the praiseworthy, compassionate deeds of Plant-Based Health Professionals UK. May Heaven forever bless all involved in working toward a peaceful and love-filled vegan future.

With Love and Immense Blessings in God’s Protection

Supreme Master Ching Hai