Global Vegfest 18th/19th December 2021

Vegan for Life

As vegans we are constantly inundated with sensational headlines claiming that a vegan diet is detrimental to human health. One day it is our brain health that we are jeopardising. Another time it is our bone or mental health that we are putting at risk with our vegan diet. And most recently a study raised questions about the height of vegan children.

Some vegans dismiss these headlines as an attempt by the food industry to deter the public from considering veganism while others start to doubt their vegan diet and wonder whether they are missing vital nutrients in their diet.

Is veganism a healthy diet for humans? Or are we as vegans harming our health?

The Plant-based Health Professionals UK are bringing you two panel discussions. The first one introduces real life stories from long-term vegans as well as those who have seen great health benefits. The second one presents a panel of plant-based healthcare professionals discussing the science, busting myths and offering tips on how to thrive as vegans.

We are grateful to the VegFest team for giving us the opportunity to discuss how to be vegans for life.

Join our panel discussions on December 18th at 12pm and 1pm via the website livestream or on facebook.