20th November 2020

How Health Professionals Can Promote Plant-Based Living

with Dr Shireen Kassam

Hosted by Vegfund.

Why should I watch this webinar?

  • Use your knowledge and experience as a health professional to promote plant-based living
  • Incorporate creative yet practical advocacy strategies
  • Adapt your messaging and outreach to the needs of different audiences
  • Overcome the challenges you’ll face while helping patients understand and follow plant-based dietary guidance
  • Acquire the skills and knowledge you need for successful plant-based advocacy
  • Apply the lessons learned by Plant-Based Health Professionals UK on their journey

Dr. Shireen Kassam, medical doctor and passionate plant-based nutrition advocate discussed the important role that plant-based health professionals play in the broader vegan movement. Dr. Kassam is the founder of Plant-Based Health Professionals UK, an organization that educates health professionals, the public, and policymakers about the human health benefits of whole-food, plant-based nutrition.

If you’re a plant-based health and wellness professional, this webinar will show you creative and practical ways to spread the word about plant-based living.

Discover what you need as a health professional to take your plant-based advocacy to the next level!