Wednesday 13 April 2022 at 7pm BST

Occupational Health and Wellbeing for Doctors…a Lifestyle Medicine Challenge?

with Dr Evie Kemp, Consultant in Occupational Medicine

Hosted by Rohini Bajekal, Nutritionist & Board Member of Plant-Based Health Professionals UK
(CPD Accredited with 1 CPD Hour from the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine and CME accredited for the LM MOC)

What will I learn from this webinar?

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the factors contributing to the occupational health and wellbeing of physicians
  • Understand the three level model to prevent stress and improve resilience
  • Apply tools and strategies to improve wellbeing at a personal, organisational and professional level

Watch the video:

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This content is for members only.

This talk will look at doctors’ health and wellbeing including early warning signs of stress/burnout, barriers for doctors seeking help and sources of support. Evie will review strategies for prevention of stress related problems, a toolbox for personal self-care, plus the relationship between doctors’ health and the health of their patients. Evie will give an overview of a new health and wellbeing/lifestyle medicine program she has developed and run for medical students. The strategies and tools presented will be helpful for all healthcare professionals.

About the speaker

Dr Evie Kemp spent most of her career working as lead consultant in occupational medicine at the Centre for Occupational Health and Wellbeing, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford. She has a special interest in doctors’ health and wellbeing and most of her patients were doctors. However, after working for many years in the NHS, she took a sabbatical 4 years ago and never went back!

She now divides her time between Israel and Oxford and combines running workshops for doctors, lecturing medical students and working as the Director of Medical Student Wellbeing at the Technion American Medical School in Haifa. She has developed and leads a new 12-week course for first year students looking at their own health and wellbeing, plus introduction to lifestyle medicine including nutrition, exercise, stress management and behaviour change. Evie and her husband Simon also founded and run a business which produces haskap berry products made from berries grown on their farm in Nova Scotia, Canada. As Haskapa research director, she coordinates haskap berry scientific knowledge and academic research.

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This webinar lasts one hour including a Live Q&A.

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