Stress Management webinar

Stress Management and Resiliency with Dr Miriam Maisel, Family Practitioner (GP) and Certified Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner (PBHP Members only)

Wednesday 18th May 2022, 7pm BST London

Please note that this talk is for PBHP Members only and it is a live virtual event that will not be recorded.

Stress management is one of the six pillars of Lifestyle Medicine. In our time together, we review the physiologic process behind stress and the harms of chronic stress. In parallel, we will learn about the relaxation response, which is the natural physiologic process that counters stress. And which has physical, mental and emotional aspects.

We will then get to experience the relaxation response, based on the work of Dr Herbert Benson. We will touch on the importance of stress recognition and finding adaptive responses, and if there is time we will also explore these elements experientially, as presented in the Stress Management and Resiliency Training programme.

About Dr Maisel

Dr Maisel has been practicing medicine for over 30 years. She holds the diploma of the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine and was among the first group to qualify in the UK in 2018.

During her lifestyle medicine training, Dr Maisel came to understand that there is a large body of evidence supporting mind-body medicine, and we now have science based tools and methods (many of which are borrowed from the traditional Eastern modalities) to help with stress management. This is important as chronic stress is a lifestyle factor which contributes to making people ill and reducing quality of life.

In 2021, Dr Maisel qualified to teach the Stress Management and Resiliency Training which is based on a half century of work by the Harvard cardiologist Dr Herbert Benson. It is an experiential training, where participants learn to recognise their own stress reactions, learn to relax, and learn adaptive strategies. For health practitioners who acquire these skills, there is an added bonus in understanding our patients better.

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